Atom95’s game
May 21, 2014
2:41 am - 2:46 am

May 21, 2014 2:41 am - 2:46 am
 Level Carassius Auratus Carnivora
from Atomic Map Pack Final by A7om95
Marathon Infinity
Total Carnage
 Game Type King of the Hill 
 Netscript New Red Light to shut up sharkie 
 Ends At 5 min.
 Time 00:05:06 


X Aliens
X Live Carnage Reporting
Dead Players Drop Items
Disable Motion Sensor
Penalize Dying (10 seconds)
X Penalize Suicide (15 seconds)

Cheats / Extras

X Allow Zoom
X Allow Crosshairs
X Allow Overlay Map
X Allow Chase Cam
X Allow Carnage Messages